Salman Khan is Worst Actor in Bollywood, According to Google

Salman Khan is again in the headline today. This time Salman has become the victim of Google Search. Google, always give the correct information about anything that we search on it. According to the Google, do you know who is the worst Bollywood actor?. When you will take minutes to answer this question, google takes a second. According to Google, the name of the worst Bollywood actor is Salman Khan. Yes, as per the Google,. Salman Khan is the worst actor in the film industry.. Well, if you don’t believe us then you can also search and check it. Go to google and type worst bollywood actor and The answer will shock you. Is it a technical fault or. Google really think So?. We wonder how Salman Khan fans will react to it. Twitter is getting crowded with thousand of different tweets on this result. Salman haters are Thanking google and supporting this search results. Salman's long waited Race 3 released yesterday. But the movie is not getting good response as expected. Everyone criticized the poor performances, senseless dialogues and poor story of this Film. May be Google considered Salman as the worst actor after watching "Race 3". Previously, Google showed the name of Narendra Modi when searched with "Top 10 criminals in India". Hope this time, Google will not be victim of Salman's anger.
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  1. Bhai google ke bolne se nahi hota
    Salman bhai best actor thy hai or Rahenge

  2. U r worst not he understood
    he is the man wid golden heart bestt person all over the world ok

    Hit like for Bhaijaan

    • Tell that to the homeless man he ran over and killed. You salman Khan fans are delusional !

    • +chanbaekkaisooselu Exoships
      yes u r right … Salman is just a tubelight and nothing … I don’t like his acting … why people are crazy about him even if he can’t give a one hit film from so many years …

  3. Jo google narendra modi ko criminal bata sakta hai to vo salman ko worst bhi bol sakta hai…Stupid google..bakwaas..Salman best nahi to worst bhi nahi…Salman is the superstar..Its just a technical problem..🙄🙄

  4. #Ok But go and #Search (Man with #Golden heart) and #Result will happy you ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💓💓💓💓💓💖💗💗💗💗💗

  5. I noticed people r asking to search as man with golden heart…I think it’s me in real life….u guys can see my name in Google.

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