Salman Khan हैं Bollywood के Worst Actor, ये है Google का जवाब

Why Does Google Think Salman Khan is the 'Worst Bollywood Actor'? Entertainment Jhandu
Salman Khan named ‘Worst Bollywood Actor’ by Google

Categories: News, Updates June 18, 2018
Salman Khan appears as ‘worst bollywood actor’ in Google search

Google has placed itself under twitter spotlight after producing Salman Khan’s name in list of search titled ‘worst bollywood actor’.

Netizens have reacted strongly with and against the news, with many proclaiming it to be true and unchanged, especially with the onset of his starrer ‘Race 3’ which has suffered criticism amidst massive views, owing to its haphazard and ill-constructed dialogues, especially with its much talked song, Selfish.


  1. salman khan sir Awesome hai googal ko kiya pata,stupid googal .👌

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