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This is video on every ones favorite movie peekay(PK).
Peekay is directed by Rajkumar hirani one of the top director in Bollywood. Peekay star Amir khan , Anushka sharma in lead role.
Peekay currently highest grossing movie of all time world while.


Peekay is story of an alien who landed on earth for his research and lost in this world of chaos. His space ship remote get lost and he hunt for it search.
Doing this he encounter with religions and its blind beliefs. He meets a girl named jaggu who became the victim of this religious dogma. She is news reporter and she helps Peekay or PK to find his remote.

Although this is my favorite movie so I watched peekay several times and found some mistakes or bloopers in it.
This is entertaining video on peekay mistakes.

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Pk Movie Mistakes video.
Movie Bloopers video.
Bollywood movie mistakes video.
Bollywood Movie bloopers video.
Too Much Wrong with PK video.
Plenty of wrong with PK.

Bollywood Lessons.

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